Akai MPC X Music Production Workstation

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Akai MPC X: The Future of Sound
What are you looking for in an MPC? No matter what your answer is, the Akai MPC X has it. Akai has taken the best features of past and present music production centers and put them into a powerhouse machine that’s poised to become the future beat-oriented studio centerpiece.

The latest in Akai’s storied Professional MPC line, the MPC X is taking pad-based music production back to its classic roots. While recent models have been plug-and-play production centers, the X is a standalone that runs its native MPC 2.0 software and features USB slots for MIDI controller connectivity.

The Best of Both Worlds
Remember the classic standalone MPCs? Like ripped jeans and high-top sneakers, they’re making a comeback—Akai’s X is a truly unfettered experience. With updates to the Akai Professional MPC software, the X flaunts an impressive set of new functions, including an improved time warp algorithm, drag-and-drop for audio and MIDI, and enhanced Q-Link control, to name a few. And all of this is on a downright stunning full-color 10.1-inch multi-touch screen! Also, if you’re more new-school, tether it to your computer and use the MPC X as a controller on any PC or Mac.

Sweet Sixteen
The Akai MPC X seems to have a lucky number: it comes loaded with 16 GB of internal storage, and at its center are 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive RGB pads that respond to the slightest touch. Then there are—as you can guess—16 touch-sensitive Q-Links with OLED displays. Simply put: the MPC X puts you in full control and allows you to deliver the most distinct, nuanced recordings possible today. 

What is all packed into this machine?  How about:

  • Dedicated menu buttons
  • 10 GB of pre-installed Vault 2.0 production-ready samples
  • 2.5-inch SATA drive connector
  • Onboard CV/Gate outputs
  • Two RCA phono inputs
  • ...And those are just the highlights.
Bringing Back the Classics

Not only does Akai include everything you love about sampling right at your fingertips, but the X improves the stability and sound of the process, and it includes an exhaustive library of studio-worthy sounds. The MPC X is at the zenith of modern recording technology, and represents a merging of Akai’s best features from the MPC Professional lineup.

Akai has a well-earned reputation in the music industry to uphold, and the X is a jewel in its crown. By going back to their roots of what made the classic MPCs popular and incorporating new technology, software and features, Akai has created a machine that will undoubtedly become the top choice of any serious producer.

Akai MPC X Music Production Workstation

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