Canon EOS 750D DSLR Camera Body

The Canon EOS 750D is a powerful entry level DSLR. The camera captures breathtaking pictures with stunning detail from a 24.2MP sensor with a versatile ISO range of 100-25600. The camera includes advanced features normally only found in higher end DSLR’s.


      • 24.2MP sensor
      • 100-25600 ISO
      • 19 point autofocus
      • 3 inch Vari-angle touch screen
      • 5 FPS continuous shooting

    Canon EOS 750D DSLR Camera features:

    24.2MP sensor.

    The 24.2MP sensor captures incredible detail with life like accurate colours. The massive pixel count will allow you to print large images, even after cropping.

    100-25600 ISO.

    The Canon EOS 750D features a massive ISO (light sensitivity) range of 100-25600 ISO and allows you to shoot stunning pictures even in low light situations.

    Customisable 19-point autofocus.

    The EOS 750D’s customisable 19-point autofocus system quickly locks onto your subject when shooting sports, portraits or landscapes. Each focus point is a 'cross-type' meaning it can lock on to your subject quickly and accurately so you can achieve sharp results whether you’re shooting sports, portraits or landscapes.

    3” vari-angle touch screen.

    A bright 3 inch Vari-angle touch screen allows easy operation from high and low angles, as well as providing a front facing display for easy self-portraits/video.

    5 FPS continuous shooting.

    The Canon 750D features the fast DIGIC 6 processor and will allow you to shoot at up to 5 frames per second.

    Powerful popup flash.

    A built in popup flash is included for creative lighting or low light situations. The flash features a guide number of 12 meters at a 100 ISO and includes an integrated speedlight transmitter.

    Integrated speedlite transmitter.

    The popup-flash can wirelessly trigger supported off-camera speedlites/flashguns, giving you more creative freedom.

    Full HD video recording.

    The Canon 750D captures stunning 1080p (Full HD) videos at 30FPS. The camera features Canon’s Hybrid CMOS AF III autofocus technology that enables smooth focusing and tracking so your subject will look sharp and in focus. MP4 support allows easy playback, upload, and transfers of your movies.

    7560 pixel metering sensor.

    A 7560 pixel metering sensor gives consistently accurate exposures and Flicker Detection.

    Flicker detection.

    Flickering light, such as that produced by fluorescent light bulbs, can cause inconsistent brightness and colour while shooting. The EOS 750D can detect such conditions and time each shot to coincide with the peak brightness of the flickering light source, for consistent results.

    Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

    Share your images instantly with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Simply tap devices together to review and transfer what you’ve shot to a supported Smartphone, Tablet or Canon Connect Station.

    Remote shooting.

    Remote shooting helps you capture images from new angles remotely using a mobile device or you can put yourself in the shot or shoot wildlife from a distance without disturbing your subject.

    Share photo’s.

    The Canon 750D allows you to upload pictures to Facebook®, Irista and Flickr™ straight from your camera (internet connection via Wi-Fi required).

    Creative movie modes.

    Miniature Effect in movie mode and HDR movie mode expands your creative possibilities when shooting movies.

    Multi-aspect ratio display.

    Multi-aspect ratio display helps you visualise results from various aspect ratios before you shoot.

    Canon EOS 750D DSLR Camera Body

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